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Connecting the SCUP Community – COVID-19

Published March 24, 2020
By Sarah Cantrell, Chair, SCUP Board of Directors & Mike Moss, SCUP President

Dear Colleagues,

The word “pandemic” changed everything causing significant disruption in our day-to-day living and expectations. In this unprecedented time, it is even more important than ever that we keep our connections alive as we support one another and help higher education develop the solutions that will ensure our students and institutions continue to thrive.

As part of the SCUP community, there are a number of virtual tools at your disposal to use to stay connected.

SCUPers connecting

The SCUP Slack Channel

Updated 9/2/2021: The SCUP Slack Channel is no longer available. Please visit the community page to learn more about engaging digitally with your SCUP colleagues.

We’ve set up the SCUP Slack Channel for you to connect about challenges you face in your workplace and explore solutions and approaches others have utilized. For those unfamiliar, it’s like text messaging for a community, or a very large ‘group chat’. It is a great way to put out a question or problem to the SCUP community to find resources and real examples of what institutions and higher education corporations have done in response to issues and opportunities that they have experienced or are currently experiencing.

The SCUP Member Directory

This member-only benefit allows you to find the right experts to assist you now. Also, be sure you are listed in the directory so you can offer help in return. Log in now to check your status and start connecting.

Social Media

We also have our social media channels that you can join. Tweet, like, read, share. Expand your conversations and networks!
Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Have an Idea to Share?

Share it with our team! We’re already bringing together a variety of resources including webcasts, webinars, articles, and more. If you have something to share, submit it here.

Let’s work together to keep the conversations going and help one another.

Finally, times like these come with stress—plan in place or not—and we must offer support, grace, and flexibility.  Give yourself a break and take stock in the good work you are doing. Also, take some time to connect and tell someone you are thinking about them.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself, your family, and our community.