Planning for Higher Education Journal

Connecting Campus, Community and School

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From Volume 3 Number 5 | October 1974
By Charlotte Mitau, P.R. Theibert

The Society's West Coast Regional Long Range Planning Workshop, held January 17-19, 1974 in San Diego, was entitled, "Academic, Physical and Community Planning: Opportunities for Intergration." John Vasconcellos, California Assemblyman, chairman of the California Joint Legislative Committee on the Study of the Master Plan for Higher Education, and a participant in the workshop, stated that this title failed to convey the urgent necessit for cooperative planning between educational and community institutions. His alternative title, "The Necessity for Connectedness," met with general approval. At the workshop, Charlotte Mitau, president of the St. Pau, Minnesota Board of Education, pointed to the need for increased participation by higher education in the training of personnel and the preparation of curricula for primary and secondary education. P.R. Theibert, special assistant to the president at Hofstra University and consultant to Educational Facilities Laboratories, focused on artificial turf and membrane roofs as leading examples of the evolution of the school gymnasium into the open multi-use recreational facility. the exerpts below from the remarks of these two workshop participants illustrate the range of options available to administrators seeking to make educational resources available to the entire community.

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