Planning for Higher Education Journal

Community Colleges in Higher Education: The Role of Community Colleges in Serving the Underserved Student

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From Volume 35 Number 3 | April–June 2007
By Jerrid P. Freeman

The changing economy is increasing the significance of community colleges. While community colleges have served an important role in higher education, their importance and value to individuals and society is at an all time high. While community college characteristics have made these institutions attractive, the underserved population and the American economy depend on community colleges to supply knowledge and skills necessary in today's economy. The financial stability of the underserved population, the American economy, and society depend on these relatively overlooked, under-funded, and misrepresented community colleges. It is imperative that those who are underserved improve their consciousness of work, money, and education for the benefit of themselves and the economy. Community colleges are the only postsecondary institutions currently positioned to take a lead role in this effort and America must assist them in this endeavor.

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