Planning for Higher Education Journal

Colorado State U–King of the Videotape Users (Educational Technology Profile 21)

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From Volume 5 Number 4 | August 1976
By Ralph Lee Smith

This is the 21st in a series of profiles documenting experiences with the use of instructional technology at two dozen colleges and universities. A look at what has been learned at these places may benefit others considering new ways to teach. This report describes an alternative system for delivering televised instruction to off-campus locations, that is, via videotapes that are carried by private courier and shipped through the mail. Colorado State University, one of perhaps 20 institutions that have chosen the "bicycling of tapes" over other TV technologies, was the first in the nation to do so and, with the scale of its present operations, leads the field. The reasons for this preference and the use of this method to share resources with other schools and extend services to business and industry are discussed.

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