Planning for Higher Education Journal

College That Transformed Itself

Journal Cover
From Volume 25 Number 3 | Spring 1997
By George C. Keller

Motivated originally by fear, the people rebuilt their campus, its programs, and its position in the higher education firmament. Subtitles: The "good " old days; Rethinking the college; Repositioning the college; The remake of Elon; Creating distincstiveness; Quality everywhere; What about tomorrow? Pull quotes: "We thought we would lose students, so we had to scramble." "When the faculty saw the drawings, they were thunderstruck." "The leaders decided to become a different kind of college." "The trustees were highly influential in the repositioning." "You can't design a curriculum for nerds when the students are not nerds." "We chose four values and made them the modern equivalent of old-time religious inculcation." "For us, a new show begins every day at 8 a.m."

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