Planning for Higher Education Journal

Campus Buildings and the Energy Crisis

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From Volume 2 Number 6 | December 1973
By Lawrence F. Kramer
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Heating fuel will be in short supply this winter. If our universal pessimism is correct, we may have to shut down some public places, such as schools and campus buildings. It is possible, of course, for us to avert a crisis if we cut down on the use of fuel. The ideas that follow were adapted by Larry Kramer, SCUP's editorial assistant, from an article in Schoolhouse (No. 13, November 1973), published by Educational Facilities Laboratories. Although intended for a readership of primary and secondary school administrators, the suggestions have equal import for physical plant administrators at colleges and universities. Not all of the suggestions will be usable in any one building, but there are more than enough to offer a number of alternative responses for any institution.

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