Planning for Higher Education Journal

Building an Institution Worthy of its History

The Evergreen Strategic Plan at Widener University
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From Volume 40 Number 2 | January–March 2012
By Jo Allen, Joseph J. Baker
Planning Types: Strategic Planning
Challenges: Planning Alignment

When undertaking a new strategic planning process, many institutions get bogged down in issues of flexibility versus consistency, as well as in concerns about participation and transparency. The co-chairs of Widener University’s strategic planning process and implementation developed evolutionary phases to coincide with the multi-year implementation of the 10-year plan, resulting in greater participation and buy-in, as well as stamina for the long-term changes needed to strengthen, and ultimately transform, the institution. As a result, the institution is well on its way to meeting its 13 goals and making the transition to the next strategic planning process. Faculty and staff began to see accreditation (and accountability) as something truly meaningful.

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