Planning for Higher Education Journal

Build If You Must, But Consider Redeploying Campus Space and Time

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From Volume 3 Number 2 | April 1974
By Stephen A. Kliment, Jane Lord
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This is the first of seven articles to address the problem of what higher eduation can do to meet the space needs of new programs and a widened constituency. The solutions cited show how existing space has been used more efficiently and how institiutions have acquired space in buildings that have not necessarily been used for education before. The common goal of all the solutions is to avoid resorting to new construction. The solution to redeploy campus space (and the timing of programs) depends on such variables as the institution's goals, location, financial stability and prospects. Several brief examples are given to show what some colleges and universities have accomplished. More detailed examples and full case histories are available by writing to Educational Facilities Laboratories, 477 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022 specifying areas of particular interest. The information for these articles and the complementary case studies, complied for EFL by Jane Lord and Stephen A. Kliment, resulted from a project jointly funded by the National Institute for Education and Educational Facilities Laboratories. Subsequent issues fo Planning for Higher Education will carry the remaining articles of this series.

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