Planning for Higher Education Journal

Build If You Must, But Consider Non-Campus Facilities

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From Volume 3 Number 2 | April 1974
By Stephen A. Kliment, Jane Lord
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This is the second of seven articles to address the problem of what higher education can do to meet the space needs of new programs and a widened constituency. This article explores the solution of relying actively on non-campus facilities and programs. Institutions have begun to use the dispersed campus, outreach and external degree programs, and new technology. Longer and more varied studies covering seventy-five institutions are available from Educational Facilities Laboratories. Those who are interested in examining these case studies should write EFL, 477 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022, indicating their particular areas of concern. This article and the case studies, compiled for EFL by Jane Lord and Stephen A. Kliment, resulted from a project jointly funded by National Institute for Education and Educational Facilities Laboratories. Subsequent issues of Planning for Higher Education will carry the remaining articles of this series.

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