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Build If You Must But Consider Interim Facilities

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From Volume 3 Number 4 | August 1974
By Stephen A. Kliment, Jane Lord
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This is the sixth of seven articles to address the problem of what higher education can do to meet the space needs of new programs and a wider constituency, without resorting to new building. One way to meet space needs is to obtain facilities on an interim basis. Such facilities may be bought, leased, or used rent-free. This solution applies both to brand new institutions planning a permanent capmus and to existing ones faced with a sudden but only temporary space need. Various approaches are given in this article, along with examples. A larger selection of thirty case studies is on hand at Educational Facilities Laboratories. These may be had on request from EFL, 477 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10022. The information for these articles and the complementary case studies, compiled for EFL by Jane Lord and Stephen A. Kliment, resulted from project jointly funded by the Office of Experimental Schools of the National Institute of Education (U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare), and by Educational Facilities Laboratories.

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