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Best Practices for Instructional Continuity During Short-Term Disruptions

Published July 20, 2020
Presented by Shawn Krahmer, Associate Dean, Curriculum and Assessment, Saint Joseph's University | Rajneesh Sharma, Associate Provost and Professor of Finance, Saint Joseph's University

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Saint Joseph’s University

When a class is cancelled because of weather, faculty unavailability, IT outage, power outage, or pandemic-related closure, it can result in a complete loss of instruction. A best practices guide can mitigate this. This session will showcase best practices for instructional continuity for most short-term disruptions. We will cover different types of disruptions and modalities of instruction (on-campus and online). You will take back communication strategies, planning tips, and best practices to create a plan to deal with short-term disruptions at your institution.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the different types of short-term disruptions and how they impact instruction based on course modality.
  2. List responses tailored to both disruption and the course modality.
  3. Collaborate with your faculty to create a best practices guide for instructional continuity.
  4. Develop a communication and implementation strategy for the plan to reset expectations about instructional disruption.

Presented 7/20/2020.

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