Planning for Higher Education Journal

Assessing the Assessment Advice

Journal Cover
From Volume 25 Number 2 | Winter 1996–1997
By W. Donald Crump

Book review: Using Performance Indicators to Guide Strategic Decision Making, by Victor Borden and Trudy Banta (editors). New Directions for Institutional Rsearch, no. 82. Jossey-Bass, 1994. 124 pages. Assessing Performance in an Age of Accountability: Case Studies, by Gerald Gaither (editor). New DIrections for Higher Education, no. 91. Jossey-Bass, 1995. 107 pages. A Practitioner's Handbook for Institutional Effectiveness and Student Outcomes Assessment Implementation, by James Nichols and others. Third Edition. Agathon Press, 1995. 280 pages. Assessment Case Studies: Common Issues in Implementation, by James Nichols. Agathon Press, 1995. 212 pages. The departmental Guide and Record Book for Student Outcomes Assessment and Istitutional Effectiveness, by JAMes Nichols. Agathon Press, 1995. 80 pages.

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