Planning for Higher Education Journal

An Analysis of New Student Orientation Programs at U.S. Four-Year Colleges

How Can Administrators Enhance the First and Major Milestone of a Student's Academic Journey?
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From Volume 47 Number 3 | April–June 2019
By Matthew Chan

This study examines new student orientation (NSO) programs of 65 four-year U.S. colleges, with a focus on a subset of 39 colleges offering NSOs with available program schedules. The 39 programs were analyzed in detail for content and key elements such as formats, topics, underlying learning theories, and high-impact practice-related activities. Data are drawn from both online orientation schedules for each program and survey responses received from educators at each of the associated institutions. NSOs offered by community colleges and those offered by the four-year colleges studied were also compared. The study results are intended to benefit college administrators and faculty responsible for developing freshman orientations.

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