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A Solution Whose Problem Has Arrived: Technology for Nontraditional Study (Educational Technology Profile 9)

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From Volume 4 Number 5 | October 1975
By Ronald Gross

This is the ninth in a series of profiles documenting the experiences of two dozen colleges and universities with the use of instructional technology. A look at what has been learned at these places may benefit others considering new ways to teach. This profile differs from the others in this group, in that its subject is a conference, "Designing Diversity '75," the Second National Conference on Open Learning and Nontraditional Study, held in Washington in June 1975. Much of the conference's business focused on serving adult learners through technology-based learning systems. With fewer institutions in these tight-money days that can pick up the tab for conference-going, we thought it would be useful to review the ideas, the options, and the trends that emerged.

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