Conference Presentations

A Growing Business School’s Vertical Campus in a Leased Downtown Location

Delivered March 20, 2019
Presented by Paul R. Lund, Glen Steinbach, Scott Walters
Planning Types: Campus Planning

As institutions build out their campuses and land becomes limited, they must find creative and economical ways to expand. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) leased a high-rise building in downtown Baltimore as an alternative campus environment to develop its new Carey Business School, a strategic move JHU made to connect to business leaders, faculty, and potential students. The business school has taken on more space as it has grown, which required the school to plan through the lens of short-term and medium-term timeframes in a high-rise environment. This session will delve into the opportunities and challenges involved with locating a professional school in a leased, downtown, high-rise building mixing students with other occupants of the building.