Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI)

Inform Your Campus Planning Efforts!

From hybrid learning classrooms to flexible work environments, college and university campuses are facing a lot of change. Data about facilities and space utilization are critical to making strategic decisions for your campus.

The Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) is an annual campus planning benchmarking initiative brought to you by SCUP in partnership with brightspot strategy.

The CFI collects data from colleges and universities about current space use and planned facilities changes. From this data, the CFI report shares findings, trends, and data tables sorted by institution type, size, and location.

Institutions that submit their data to the CFI receive a free copy of the CFI report and access to anonymized data tables, allowing you to manipulate the data and pull the reports that are relevant to your campus.

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What the CFI report covers.

The CFI report consists of three sections that provide a holistic picture of today while enabling institutions to crowdsource a vision for the future. The three sections include:

  1. Current space use data
  2. Anticipated changes to space
  3. Qualitative space changes

Data is reported only in aggregate, protecting the privacy of each institution. Initial reporting focuses on findings and comparison tables by institution type (i.e., four-year public, four-year private, and two-year public), location (i.e., urban, suburban, rural), and size (i.e., enrollment, ­>1,000, 1,000 – 4,999, 5,000 – 19,999, <20,000).

How can an institution use the CFI report?

Access critical national data on US higher education current and projected space use to

  • Inform your integrated planning, decision-making, and benchmarking initiatives.
  • Identify national trends on changes institutions have made recently, and the changes they are planning for the future relative to their facilities portfolio.

2023 Survey Timeline

Summer 2023: Survey distributed.
Fall 2023: Report published.

Report Cost

Survey respondents: Free
SCUP members:
Nonmembers: $749


Contact DJ Pepito, Senior Director, Research and Innovation.