The New Education Ecosystem – Accelerating Institutional Transformation

May 25, 2021
Free Webinar | 4:00 PM-6:00 PM ET

Higher education has proven to be a catalyst for social mobility, but in the current environment, it functions inequitably. Despite some success stories, higher education reflects broader societal trends in systemic racism and classism; further exacerbated by COVID-19. Because institutions are compartmentalized and decentralized, higher education is slow to change.

The new education ecosystem creates equitable expressways to and through public higher education and bends the arc toward systemic equality. It calls for innovating together across institutions to bring ideas to scale quickly and imbuing them with sustainable institutional ownership and establishes an avenue for immediate nationwide consumption and application. Importantly, changing the national landscape of who gets to lead and succeed in enabling their own educational journeys lies with who we empower as designers, knowers, and change-makers of our futures.

Please join this conversation with two college presidents to discuss how the new education ecosystem provides a pathway toward equality in higher education.


Debi McDonald FAIA (Host)
Co-Chair BSA/SCUP College + University Roundtable and Jacobs New England Higher Education Market Sector Leader

Trung Le (Moderator)
Founding Partner
180 Studio

Philomena V. Mantella (Panelist)
Grand Valley State University

Mary A. Papazian (Panelist)
San Jose State University

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