SCUP Planning Institute: Sustain

In-person workshop | January 26-27, 2022

Building and Sustaining an Integrated Planning Culture

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The Sustain workshop is part of the SCUP Planning Institute Model.

Integrating planning doesn’t end with the plan itself. We want to help you build an institution that embodies planning. You’ll learn tools and practices that encourage stakeholders to collaborate, act strategically, and constantly look toward the future. SCUP provides expertise, direction, and the inspiration to nurture a culture of integrated planning on your campus.

We’re here to help those who:

  • Already have an integrated planning process
  • Face persistent challenges or resistance that the planning process can’t address
  • Want their institution to be ready for an unclear future

Workshop Details

The planning process can only do so much to drive change in your institution. What if your institution’s culture prevents change and growth?

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage your institutional culture to leverage and manage change. As you know, any planning effort is designed to change the institution in a meaningful way, poised for success and nimble to adapt to a volatile environment. Here you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of an integrated planning culture—the practices that encourage stakeholders to collaborate, act strategically, and look to the future.

You will return to your institution with tools, techniques, and skills you can use to help clarify decision making at your institution so new ideas can move forward; use boundary-spanning practices to encourage silos to work together; manage difference and conflict, and;  prepare for the future with scenario planning.

You have your plan; now it’s time to build a sustainable culture that is forward-looking, proactive, and poised for success.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and adopt tools, methods, and actions that build an integrated planning culture.
  2. Anticipate challenges and opportunities in a dynamic and unpredictable world so your institution acts more than it reacts.
  3. Examine and improve power and decision-making structures within your institution.
  4. Help stakeholders set aside differences and work together across boundaries to achieve your institution’s goals.

Continuing Education Credits
AIA LU 15.0 units
AICP CM 15.0 units

Keeping you safe.

We are planning for, and excited to welcome attendees to our in-person workshop, while acknowledging the complexities of planning a safe and effective in-person workshop that meets new and emerging local, state, and federal regulations. We are monitoring local and state regulations as well as guidelines from the CDC and WHO. As these regulations and guidelines change frequently we will provide more information to registrants as we approach the workshop. Masks are required indoors.