Decarbonization Imperative and You [DIY]

Decarbonization Imperative and You [DIY]

September 23, 2022
In-Person: 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Virtual: 10:00 AM–12:00 PM,

Seattle, WA


As colleges and universities welcome students back, we also bring forward the thousands of voices that urge for sustainability on campuses. Let’s develop a fossil fuel free future together. We have the responsibility as leaders in positions of influence to create actionable change to impact the social ecosystems of the lives of those we serve. By recognizing the power of explicit advocacy and systems of accountability, we commit to promoting just and equitable experiences on all campuses.

Join us as we build momentum around decarbonization by working together with regional champions who have been first adopters. Structured as a one-day symposium, we will begin the day with provocations from subject matter experts. How can we learn from experiences, research and tools to plan for and accelerate resiliency? Thereafter, we will take deeper dives into decarbonization through the lenses of: academic campuses + student life, greening specifications + procurement, operational carbon, and funding + planning. It’s a liminal moment for campus environments and it is imperative that we engage.

Gathering in community as planners, practitioners, and educators, we will discuss aspirational and achievable best practices, including those that prioritize alleviating anxiety, promote health for all living beings, address affordability, consider life cycle analysis and the variety of barriers, primarily financial, which when taken together and solved for, aggregate to environmental justice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the challenges around decarbonization through the lenses of student wellbeing, campus and academic life, embodied and operational carbon, and funding.
  2. Augment your vocabulary and fundamental knowledge around decarbonization to have conversations with clients, peers, supervisors, and colleagues about creating a healthier, more sustainable campus.
  3. Identify integrated planning considerations and institutional champions to facilitate decarbonization and improve student life and wellbeing on active higher education campuses at various scales.
  4. Establish a personal benchmark for action that is aligned with your professional expertise and sphere of influence within the architecture, construction, engineering, planning disciplines.

In-person CEUs
AIA LU/HSW 5.5 Unit (SCUPPM22)
AICP CM 5.5 Unit

Virtual CEUs
AICP CM 2.0 Unit

Join us in person for a full day symposium or virtually for the panel presentation and post-hackathon presentations.

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COVID Policy

At this time, all guests must be vaccinated and up to date with eligible doses (boosters) prior to entering WRNS Studio on September 23.

Once registered, please fill out the following COVID form one week prior to the event. Please complete and send to along with a photo of your vaccination card.