North Central Regional Conference | Fast Forward: Looking to the Future of Integrated Planning

October 28-30, 2019
Omaha Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District, Omaha, NE

Conference Slides

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Plenary Sessions

The Physical Campus in a Digital World

Presented by Michael Haggans

Planning with Purpose: Reflecting the Communities We Serve and the Society We Aspire to Build

Presented by Elizabeth Paul

Three Revolutions: Why Education Leaders Need a Plan

Presented by Mark David Milliron

Concurrent Sessions

Bringing Industry, Education, and Non-Profits Together

Presented by Jacqueline Almquist, Nathan Barry, James Dennell

Business Methodology in an Academic Setting Transforms Student Outcomes

Presented by Penny Jones, Jessica Sullivan, Alex Terwilliger, Renee Williams

The Campus Master Plan as a Catalyst for Institutional Change

Presented by Lauren Leighty, Anthony P. LoBello, Matthew A. Tomaszewski

Changing Landscapes and Environments in Health Professions Education

Presented by Patrick Loftis, Juliann Sebastian, Rich M. Smith, Paula Verboomen

Developing New Typologies for Innovative Group Housing in Under-Utilized Spaces

Presented by Karen Fairbanks, Christopher Lee, Jason Roberts

Funding the Future in Tough Times: The Programming Dilemma

Presented by Sandra Patterson-Randles

Go Fast, Go Slow: Planning Early for Zero Net Energy

Presented by Amanda Bogner, Daniel Overbey

Highlander Accelerator: Upending Conventional Models for Higher Education in Underserved Neighborhoods

Presented by Othello Meadows, Josh Shelton

How to Craft a Living, Data-Driven Facilities Master Plan

Presented by Mike Dobmeier, June Hanley, Deborah Mero, Thomas Roh

Integrate Design Thinking Liberating Structures to Increase Buy-in

Presented by Sue Hodges Moore, Breanne Holloway, Jennifer Palilonis

Integrating an Academic Medical Center with a Private Hospital

Presented by Devin Fox, Jeff Monzu, Kristi Nohavec

Integrating Facility and Academic Master Plans Through Collaboration

Presented by Jacob Sertich, Mike Steele, Jody Tomanek

Integrating Security With Wellness and Biophilic Design

Presented by JaneAnn Benson, Patrick Calhoun

Like Them or Not: Planning for E-Scooters and Micro-mobility Options

Presented by Emily C. Casper, Aaron Moore, Megha Sinha, Tom Yardley

Predictive Analytics: Harness Digital Information for a Current Master Plan

Presented by Robert R. Bell, Zachary E. Zettler

Revitalization: Planning Adaptable Spaces for a Growing Campus Community

Presented by Faye Bodyke, Adana Johns, Jerry Johnson

Solving the Collaboration Equation for an Interprofessional Health Education Facility

Presented by John Berkebile, Joanne Brown, Jeffrey Loyall, Utako Tanebe

Speed, Efficiency, and Consensus Through the Collaborative Process

Presented by Nate Gieselman, Alison Topp

The University as Neighborhood Builder: Leading an Integrated Process

Presented by Andrew Broderick, Erin Carter, Stephen F. Troost

“When the pace of change gets this fast, the only way to retain a lifelong working capacity is to engage in lifelong learning.”

– Thomas L. Friedman, Thank You for Being Late

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The pace of change is accelerating. Planning professionals who serve higher education institutions throughout the region are facing new demands and new opportunities. Technology, demographics, economics, diversity, and competition from new educational resources are influencing near-term needs and long-term planning.

Campuses and their design teams are responding with fast, agile, and forward-looking integrated planning efforts that span silos and respond to change with projects that leverage real-time, results-informed data. Smart buildings and data analytics are allowing campuses to identify key metrics and opportunities and leverage information seamlessly, faster, and more accurately.

The SCUP 2019 North Central Regional Conference in Omaha is the forum to have those conversations.

Think fast forward! Look to the future. Share your knowledge. Make new connections. Be a part of the conversation. Join us in Omaha! 


Over three days, conference attendees will participate in eye-opening keynotes, featuring new insights, reality checks, and shared wisdom from three nationally-known experts on change and adaptation.

The program will feature an additional 20+ educational concurrent sessions featuring the region’s best of planning and projects. There will also be an opportunity to engage in pre-conference tours and workshops as well as fun social and networking events.

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Featured Speakers

Mark David Milliron Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Civitas Learning and SCUP featured speaker
Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Civitas Learning
Michael Haggans, Visiting Scholar, Center for 21st Century Universities, Georgia Institute of Technology
Visiting Scholar, Center for 21st Century Universities Georgia Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Paul, President, Capital University and featured speaker at the SCUP North Central Regional Conference
PresidentCapital University

Featured Sessions

Three Revolutions and Why Education Leaders Need a Plan
October 28, 2019 6:00 pm
Dr. Mark Milliron, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Civitas Learning
Planning with Purpose: Reflecting the Communities We Serve and the Society We Aspire to Build
October 29, 2019 9:00 am
Dr. Elizabeth Paul, President, Capital University, Columbus, OH
The Physical Campus in a Digital World
October 30, 2019 11:00 am
Michael Haggans, Visiting Scholar at Center for 21st Century Universities, Georgia Tech University, and author of Campus Matters