Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

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Campus Energy Master Planning

Higher education institutions can lead the way in reducing energy consumption and advancing carbon neutrality by starting with their on-campus facilities.
Conference Presentations

Go Fast, Go Slow

This session outlines a process for leveraging energy modeling early to gauge and clarify zero net energy (ZNE) feasibility and articulating the value proposition of high-performance design leadership. Come learn how to set meaningful energy targets, identify crucial design decisions, and demonstrate to stakeholders that setting ZNE goals is vital during procurement.
Webinar Recordings

Transforming CSU Monterey Bay With the Living Community Challenge

California State University-Monterey Bay (CSU-MB) is the first university campus to register for the Living Community Challenge, becoming a model for how university campus design and planning can have a profound impact beyond the campus. We will discuss how our 2018 Architecture at Zero award-winning wellness and recreation design solution is transforming CSU-MB into a healthy, sustainable, net-positive environment.
Conference Recordings

Zero-energy Buildings on a Shoe-string Budget

Come learn how you can reduce operating costs and bring a zero-energy building to your campus, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and greater health and wellbeing for students.