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Book Review: Work Force Rx

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Campus Tour | Loyalist College

Join us for a campus tour that will guide you through the college's state-of-the-art facilities and give you an inside look at its uniquely supportive community.
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Can a Campus Plan Drive Equity?

Come find out how you can apply lessons learned and strategies from Wake Tech's inclusive master planning process to successfully respond to opportunities and challenges of diverse enrollment on your campus.
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Developing Programs and Facilities for Next Generation Industry Leaders

We'll illustrate how industry-academic partnerships led to the reimagining of vocational education in a new, didactic facility for construction sciences.
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Educating the Next Generation of Industry Leaders

This session will illustrate how industry-academic partnerships have led to the creation of cutting-edge, career-focused education that reimagines vocational training through a new, didactic construction sciences facility.
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Emerging Vocational Classrooms

Come learn how you can modify your educational facilities in response to emerging vocations and work with local laws, grants, and industry partners to build for changing curricula.
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Engaging Faculty and Industry to Increase Workforce Capacity

In this session, you'll learn how you can enhance awareness of untapped populations to meet industry goals, evaluate opportunities to improve growth outcomes, and grow industry sponsorship investment through academic and equipment planning at your institution.
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Keynote | Learning and Work

Join this moderated panel discussion for an intimate and intense dialogue about a new, urgently-needed ecosystem of workplace learning and development that eclipses traditional, episodic, and reactive workforce training.
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Middle Skills Education

Many jobs of the future will require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. How should we prepare the next generation of employees?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Partnerships Promote Inclusion

Intentional planning and a competency-based, personalized learning model empowers graduate students from the architecture discipline to assist secondary students in becoming knowledge seekers and design professionals.
Example Plans

Shaping What’s Next

The university’s detailed strategic plan, which includes goals focused on student success, diversity and equity, and increasing its presence as a research center.
Example Plans

Strategic Plan 2019

This strategic plan for a state system of community colleges defines its contribution to the state's workforce development goal.
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The Kitchens

In this session, you'll learn how RCC delivers culinary workforce training and academic programs in a satellite facility at the heart of a poverty-concentrated area, pushing back economic isolation and promoting learning and health.
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The Little Campus That Could

The Institutional Effectiveness Office at Kaua‘i Community College developed and administered community and workforce surveys to better understand current and future educational needs of residents and employers on Kaua‘i.
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The Role of Community Colleges in Future-proofing Education

In this session, we’ll share how community colleges can use metrics to understand long-term projections around regional enrollment needs and use human purpose integrated design to build for the future.

Today’s Landscape for Non-Degree Credentials

We recently spoke with Michelle Van Noy about research she has completed in the area of non-degree credentials, including development of a framework for measuring credential quality. Dr. Van Noy is the Director of the Education and Employment Research Center at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
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Transform, Inspire, Grow

This overview describes the strategic plan’s five high-level strategies and a few tactics for each.
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Transformation Best Practices in the Decade Ahead

Inexorable challenges demand that higher education transform . . . and that transformation needs to start now. Learn more about these challenges and the knowledge, skills, and capabilities an institution needs to transform in the coming decade from the authors of the new book Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders.

Transforming for Turbulent Times

Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders can prepare your institution for the new learning ecosystem that will revolutionize work and learning by 2030. This book outlines a proven, eight-step process for planning, leading, navigating, and orchestrating the transformation necessary to thrive in the new world of knowledge, work, and learning. Whatever your role in your college, university, or learning enterprise, you’ll learn the principles, techniques, and actions that will make you indispensable to its transformation in these turbulent times.