Conference Presentations

Congress, COVID-19, and the Colleges

This session will explore the policy and political climate in Washington DC, discuss current and potential policy changes, and encourage you to consider how these will impact your institution.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Teetering on the Demographic Cliff, Part 1

A long-term decline in birth rates raises fundamental planning questions for higher education as the pool of 18-year-olds contracts after 2025. How can planners and leaders use the time we have to prepare for some of the most wrenching changes in a generation?
Conference Presentations

The Higher Education Federal Policy Landscape

As we approach the first six months of a new administration and Congress, Terry Hartle, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs at the American Council on Education, will provide perspective on the impact so far of the changes to the political landscape from the 2020 elections and the potential public policy road ahead for higher education and accreditation.