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An Analysis of Instructional Expenditures in U.S. Public Higher Education

Results indicate that, when adjusted for inflation, instructional expenditures at U.S. public institutions increased from 2004–2015; however, evidence suggests that the rise was more modest and less consistent than may be known.
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Beyond the Headlines

Might a tuition reset be right for your institution? This article is a behind-the-scenes look at the yearlong process of a tuition reset at Rosemont College.
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Coffee Chat: Planning for Fall Revenue

The pandemic changed the higher ed landscape, and as we look ahead, this discussion will help you think through enrollment challenges, discuss tuition increases, examine current perceptions of the value of an online education, and consider financial aid for fall 2020.
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College Affordability and Institutional Pricing Policies

Institutions would do well to make their complex pricing policies more clear to students and families to help them understand how a higher education is more affordable than most people believe.
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Evaluating the Policies That Lead to Substantial Tuition Variation at Public Land-Grant Universities

Certain state policies relate in consistent ways to relatively high, or low, tuition rates.
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If Tuition Rises . . .

When the cost of American higher education goes up, access to economic opportunity, social mobility, and positive academic outcomes are, subsequently, restricted for students of color. Campus admissions and retention planning professionals are first witnesses to the inequality.