Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Developmental Perspective on Planning

Traditional planning fails to consider the complex, unpredictable ways that institutions change and develop.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Philosophic Foundation for Planning?


A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

A resource for anyone engaged in college or university strategic planning, and an excellent primer for planning committees. This second edition also contains new strategies for using an institution’s strategic plan during times of institutional upheaval, and additional techniques for jump-starting various parts of the planning process.

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Academic Planning in a Political System

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Culture, Context, and the Pursuit of Sustainability

No more ‘business as usual’; we must understand the importance of place and culture, and engage in our design work responsibly and with great innovation.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Enriching Planning Through Industry Analysis

The authors perform an ‘industry analysis’ for higher education, using the five forces model of M.E. Porter.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Instituting a New Degree Program

Change in higher education rests on the skills of administrators and their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various planning approaches described in this case study.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planners as Sensemakers and Sensegiver

Within the context of austerity, the future role of planning offices is uncertain.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Responsibility Center Budgeting and Management “Lite” in University Finance

Despite its promise of revenue generation, cost reduction, and a host of other benefits, what is it about RCB/RCM that leads universities to deploy it only partially?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Untangling the History and Procedures of Strategic Planning

Almost since the time when the concept of strategic planning first appeared in the literature of higher education, its value has been questioned. Do strategic plans help institutions achieve excellence, or are they more likely to gather dust on a shelf? Perspectives are presented through a review of nearly 100 years of the history and theoretical basis for strategic plans.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Using Positive Turbulence for Planning and Change

As higher education leaders, we must take charge of our destinies and shape our industry by harnessing the forces of positive change using innovative, intentional approaches.

Who Are Our Planners—and What Do They Read?

October 2021 marked Planning for Higher Education’s 50th issue! To celebrate, we’re looking back at earlier articles in Planning to reflect on how things change (and, sometimes, how they don’t). Planning is an essential resource for all higher education administrators, planning analysts, and theorists from many disciplines. In this post, the author describes each group of planners and identifies the types of information each group can glean from the journal articles.