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Impact of COVID-19 on Technology

Recorded June 9. Panelists Gary David, Bentley University, and Linda Jerrett, Boston University, shared how educational technology on their campuses is adapting to the pandemic—from accommodating students and faculty now to plans for fall and beyond.

This is part of the series “Less Talk, More Action: Tactical Topics to Return to Campus.”

Conference Presentations

Planning for the Future of the Smart Campus

This session will draw from foresight analysis and interviews with campus leaders to consider the necessary adjustments to pedagogy, learning spaces, and emerging technologies and recommend appropriate planning and design approaches for navigating the year(s) ahead.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Challenge of Making Buildings Flexible

How can buildings be both flexible and concrete? The answer is critical as institutions try to keep up with rapid changes in technology, curriculum, teaching techniques, and demographics.
Conference Presentations

Using Technology to Facilitate a Safe Return to Campus

In order to facilitate a return to campus post-COVID, Penn State leveraged technology and cross-functional teams to successfully plan and implement safe social distancing measures across various rooms types using a decentralized management model.