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A Culture of Evidence: What Is It? Do We Have One?

Do you really know your students' needs and the reality of their matriculation experiences?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Retention Assessment Process: Utilizing Total Quality Management Principles and Focus Groups

The longer a student stays at an institution of higher learning, the higher the cost of losing that student becomes. This case study from Dalton College engages TQM principles in the study of retention issues.
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After the Fall

Come learn how you can plan and coordinate campus-wide retention efforts and promote faculty participation at your institution.
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AI and HI Working

As the AI tools get smarter and as HI skills continue to enhance planning, higher education should continue to explore what leading campuses have already accomplished.

An Analytics Handbook

Data is powerful but not if you don't know how to use it. This handbook is designed to help any higher ed leader unleash the power of data that is always available but seldom leveraged.
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Book Review: The Agile College

Example Plans

Creating a Legacy Like No Other

Strategic plan for the university, which is beginning its second decade after consolidation.
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Creating a Student Success District Through Transformative Renovations

First generation and marginalized students often have difficulty accessing campus services. Holistically supporting students through integrated services so that they feel valued, respected, and included is critical to graduation and retention rates.
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Expanding College Completion

It is important to ensure that our nation’s open-access colleges can operate at a level where they can provide seats at the higher education table for all who wish to attend.
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If Tuition Rises . . .

When the cost of American higher education goes up, access to economic opportunity, social mobility, and positive academic outcomes are, subsequently, restricted for students of color. Campus admissions and retention planning professionals are first witnesses to the inequality.
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Keep on Keepin’ on

A support program for low-income and/or single-mother students to improve their persistence and retention was revisited 15 years after it had been launched at Charter Oak State College. Did follow-up with the graduates show that the effort had aided the former participants in obtaining their college degree? Had the collaboration between the institution’s Academic Services, Enrollment Management, and Financial Aid departments—and the support they offered—help the students to persevere? Based on survey results, was the program still of value, and what improvements needed to be made?
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Navigating Student Success

To gain additional insight into how integrated planning to support student success can be a game changer, we turned to Paula Stossel, strategic advisor to the president for student success, and Amber Racchini, vice provost for student academic success, at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They graciously accepted our invitation to address questions about their cross-functional effort to ensure a student-centered approach to delivery of support services at IUP.
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The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners

More than ever, nontraditional students and adult learners are making up more and more of the student body at colleges and universities across the country. Learn how to effectively stand out from other institutions who are making mistakes in 10 key areas with the adult learner population.
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Use Evidence to Plan Facilities That Drive Student Success

In this article, the author draws upon research from his book How to Get the Most Out of College to highlight the evidence that campus planners and designers can use to help drive student success.