Student Experience


Advancing Institutional Sexual Violence Prevention Education Through Faculty Research: Part 4

Ella Goodwin, a Lafayette College senior and co-president of a student organization called Pards Against Sexual Assault, shares a student’s desire for clear institutional planning in areas of critical student concern.
Webinar Recordings

How Students are Feeling & How Institutions are Planning

Recorded June 24. Inform your planning and decision-making for the fall as you prepare for a new academic year by using data from a recent national student survey and institutional perspectives gathered from more than 60 institutions. In this program, we offer five recommendations for acting on these insights so that colleges and universities can adapt and enhance the programs and places they offer, how they operate, and how they are organized.
Webinar Recordings

Impact of COVID-19 on Campus

Recorded June 3. Panelists Michelle Maheu, Wellesley College, and Rear Admiral Francis X. McDonald, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, shared their insights about developing response processes and the potential outcomes on their respective campuses, especially when making decisions when information is limited and the variables are unknown. This session was moderated by Deirdre Fernandes, a reporter with the Boston Globe.

This is the first installment of the series “Less Talk, More Action: Tactical Topics to Return to Campus.”

Conference Presentations

Paradigm Shift

Experts in design and education, along with a diverse, multi-disciplinary student panel, will share their perspectives on the future of hands-on learning.