Space Assessment


2007 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) Report

How are institutions using their space? This report from the SCUP Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) aggregates space data submitted to the CFI survey from 2006 and 2007.

2021 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) Report

The 2021 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) report’s valuable facilities benchmarking data will help college and university leaders understand not only what they have now and how it compares, but also how things might change in the future.
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A Different Kind of SMART

In this presentation, we discuss how to identify and select appropriate metrics—equally focused on education and research—for evaluating “SMART” research laboratories.
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Assessing Learning Environments to Improve Utilization

The team will share how they used software tools to assess and improve the utilization of their learning environments.
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Data-driven Space Strategies for Research-intensive Institutions

In this session, you'll learn multiple techniques—analytical, participatory, and action-oriented—that will help you enroll stakeholders, think strategically, and act more constructively to advance space management approaches at your institution.
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Data-Informed Design Decisions

Come learn how data-informed design can inform your next building project, guide space allocation, and minimize the need for new construction on your campus.
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Designing the Money

In this session, we'll share how Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) applies a standard process to address its unique capital needs and withstand the test of time. CSCU maintains its 10-year capital plan in a dynamic environment to remain relevant and resilient for allocating resources equitably between its sixteen campuses with optimal effect.
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How Assessment Can Improve Your Campus’s Active Learning Spaces

Come join us for an engaging and interactive session that will provide you with critical, campus-tested planning tools that you can use in your own classroom assessment to improve your campus learning environment.
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How to Craft a Living, Data-Driven Facilities Master Plan

In this session, you will learn how the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s College of Engineering created this responsive master plan that acts more as an interactive set of tools than a static document.
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No Net New Space

We'll share the process used at Longwood University to reallocate existing space to align with a new core curriculum centered on deep learning, creativity, and collaboration—and will demonstrate how your institution can use it to assess existing space, reallocate underutilized space, align budget, and advocate for student and faculty buy-in.
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Planning Interrupted

From the onset of COVID-19, Moore College has demonstrated how a dense urban campus can adapt to the new normal by transforming common space for maximum use to enhance the creative arts education pedagogy—join us to learn about their innovative strategies.
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Reaping the Benefits of a New Building? Without Building New

In this session, we'll demonstrate how to renovate your campus spaces to maximize programming and performance, using a planning approach that addresses the unique challenges of modernizing existing buildings, accommodating future-focused programming needs, and minimizing operational costs.
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The Intersection

As designs for an institution and its spaces are considered, decision makers should seek a balance between offering areas for quiet work that requires intense concentration and for social engagement and the sharing of ideas.
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The Spectrum of Space and Capital Planning in Florida and Georgia

The Florida State and Georgia University Systems employ varied approaches to their space standards, planning, and capital programs. We’ll compare these approaches and discuss best practices for determining the effectiveness of space use and the planning process.
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Using Visualizations and Data to Inform Space Planning

This session describes how we used data visualization to spark critical conversations as we evolved 1960s-era space guidelines into modern approaches.