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Planning for Higher Education Journal

“A Moment of Grace”

The author examines how four institutions—Northern Arizona University, Emory University, Berea College, and Ithaca College—are incorporating sustainability into their curricula.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Planner Studies Physics

Some planners have been helping to improve science teaching.
Example Plans

Access to Excellence

This academic plan document enumerates the institution’s academic goals and strategies, with special focus on generating or enhancing interdisciplinary connections between the primary academic themes.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: Equity in Science

The author identifies five science disciplines as outlier exemplars for their work and success in creating equity-based change, using them to explore how equity issues seep into the everyday life of higher education. Multiple actionable steps are proffered to as readers in the conclusion on how we can address systematic change.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Education for Sustainability in Further and Higher Education

So, what’s happening ‘down under’ in campus sustainability? Providing an international context, our authors use Australian examples to describe planning for campus greening, learning for sustainability (curriculum), institutional learning, and competency-based training initiatives.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning in Academic Departments

A case study from William Paterson College, where the internal planning office led faculty in departmental planning activities to “stop the sprawl and provide a direction” for the biology department. Can planning be bottom up, with professors designing their own futures?

Smart Building, Smart Campus

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2019–2020 program. This report explores the hypothesis that user-centered design would better address STEM student needs and could increase the likelihood of a broader adoption of remote labs.
Example Plans

Strategic Plan for the Department of Chemistry

The ten-year goals and strategic unit plan for the chemistry department at the university.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Creation of an Integrated Services Division to Advance University Strategic Initiatives

Combining the typically siloed services required to support the strategic work of universities into one department results in more effective integrated planning and institutional advancement.