Recovery Planning

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2020 Foresight

In this presentation, we'll demonstrate a step by step how-to for you to apply on your own campus with a vivid description of deliverables, tools, and 'gotchas.'

An Integrated Approach to Scenario Planning

No one can predict the future. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a total surprise. This toolkit will walk you step-by-step through scenario planning with instructions, examples, and worksheets that you can use to start scenario planning at your institution immediately.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: The Agile College

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Building a Path Forward

United Negro College Fund and HBCU college leaders will examine enrollment, instruction, student success, historic preservation, and fundraising in a post-pandemic world and explore how we can transform these challenges into successes.
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Data-Informed Design Decisions

Come learn how data-informed design can inform your next building project, guide space allocation, and minimize the need for new construction on your campus.
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Designing an Inclusive Post-pandemic Return to Campus

This session will explore the process, key insights, and design interventions from our research project focused on designing a post-pandemic return to campus.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Essentially There

There is a call for higher education institutions to think of ways that knowledge can be created and shared between people— credentialed and noncredentialed—more readily so that society can better handle adversities.

Five Ways to Advance Higher Education for Future Viability

In the fall of 2020, SCUP’s Pacific Region held five sessions over eight weeks to explore the core topics shaping higher education as colleges and universities adapted in response to the pandemic. This publication offers key insights, findings, and questions from this Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series.
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Keynote: Amidst Converging Storms | Part One

In the first of two keynotes focusing on higher education’s “perfect storm,” a cross-disciplinary panel will speak to their current challenges in opening their campuses this fall, whether it be in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid capacity.
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Keynote: Amidst Converging Storms | Part Two

In the second of two keynotes focusing on higher education’s “perfect storm”—the confluence of a global pandemic, financial crisis, shifting demographics, and a changing culture—a cross-disciplinary panel will discuss their integrated planning strategies for moving from a state of triage to transformation.
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Lessons Learned From The Fall 2020 Reopening

During the Fall of 2020, institutions across the Pacific Region will develop and implement protocols for reopening. What will stick? What’s been merely disruptive versus an acceleration of much needed changes as higher education evolves to better serve students? How are new approaches supporting an institution’s core mission?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

What Is Your Crisis ‘What If’?

The Medical College of Wisconsin planned strategically, engaged executive leadership, and operationalized an Administrative Response Team to navigate critical incidents impacting the university.