Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

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ABCs of PPPs

Presentation about Public-Private Partnerships (P3) including how they work, when to use them, and a number of case studies.
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At University of Colorado Denver, a Public-Private Partnership Is All Part of the Plan

When well designed and managed, public-private partnerships in higher education can overcome fiscal constraints, transfer risk, and meet pressing infrastructure needs.
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This article is a profile of one institution—the new Inner Harbor campus of the Community College of Baltimore—that tried to share its facilities with commercial interests—and failed.
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Building Beyond the Campus

Universities can leverage public-private partnerships to expand beyond the boundaries of the campus to relieve space constraints as well as facilitate collaboration with allied institutions.
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Campus Parking and Mobility Rapid Fire

In three presentations, we'll explore sustainable solutions to help you rethink parking and mobility on your campus.
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Cultivating 55+ Communities on Campus

To gain insight into the potential opportunities and obstacles university-based retirement communities (UBRCs) present for higher education, we turned to Andrew Carle, adjunct faculty member, senior living administration for Georgetown University’s Master of Science Program in Aging & Health.
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Designing Innovative Campuses for Tomorrow’s Students

Campus design and architecture will be the prime catalysts for transforming universities into our society’s engines of growth.
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Developing University-Industry Relations

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Engaging Faculty and Industry to Increase Workforce Capacity

In this session, you'll learn how you can enhance awareness of untapped populations to meet industry goals, evaluate opportunities to improve growth outcomes, and grow industry sponsorship investment through academic and equipment planning at your institution.
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Evolution of a Mall into a Future-Proofed Campus

We’ll explore how Austin Community College District transformed a declining mall into the Highland Campus, which supports student success through embracing new pedagogies, technology, and integrated programs that prepare students for the future.
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Financial Planning for Central Utility Plant Decarbonization

Vital stakeholder feedback and consensus from various university departments reveal the proper approach to building issues. Institutions such as the University of North Dakota used technical planning to produce well-informed financial modeling and right-sized financial plans.
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Getting in the eGame

The University of Kentucky understood the importance of technology in preparing students for the digital world. With public-private partnerships, it sought opportunities to be an industry leader in leveraging that capacity for its students, faculty, staff, and the community.
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Go Nowhere Without a Partner

This session will demonstrate how to meet complex needs for economic mobility and the workforce through several diverse partnerships. You’ll learn about various sources you can use to achieve successful project results as well as how you can nurture your campus and community partnerships for the long term.
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Keynote: USF Health Downtown

In this panel discussion, you’ll learn how the University of South Florida (USF) is remaking an urban landscape through their medical programs in downtown Tampa.
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Not Just Student Housing: The Next Step to Private-Public Partnerships

With [P3s] potential to provide greater financial options to universities and, in some instances, social and economic revitalization to their surrounding communities, public-private partnerships will continue to gain greater acceptance.
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On-campus Student Housing

Come learn from campus facilities planning and student affairs officials, who will address the pros and cons of different delivery methods (P3, purchase/renovation, and conventional construction) from the perspective of up-front costs, operating and maintenance factors, student experience, and functionality.

P3 Performance for Higher Education

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2016–2017 program. The researcher’s intention was to better understand P3 models and learn how they have performed, possibly generating some useful lessons for how P3 models can be applied with desired outcomes.
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A case study of an academic and residential complex at University of Illinois-Chicago, and plans for future multi-use center.
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P4: The Role of Planning in Successful Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Before your institution decides to pursue a P3, make sure you’ve considered the fourth P—Planning—and how the P3 aligns (or doesn’t) with your campus master plan.
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Placemaking, Programming, and Plaza: An Innovative P3 Approach to Activation

For colleges and universities to achieve their goals with extremely limited resources, they must rely on constructive partnerships. This session will focus on building those connections for placemaking on campus, which is a critical aspect of activating a successful innovation ecosystem.
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Private-Private Partnerships

Examine a number of cases where Butler University (a private institution) leveraged relationships with public and private partners to provide value to students and the greater community.
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Programming and Designing Science Labs in a P3 Delivery model

This session will focus on how University of California Merced defined an academic and research science program for an unknown group of scientists to allow for a selection process, the resultant design dilemma faced by the architects, and how the team took on the challenge of modifying the generic laboratories.
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Promoting Just and Resilient Urban Communities Through Integrated Planning

In this session, we'll discuss how urban institutions are serving essential roles in their cities by addressing inequities in education, economic opportunities, and health.
Example Plans

RELLIS Campus Master Plan

Detailed campus master plan documentation for the institution’s innovation campus.
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Michigan Technological University used active stakeholder engagement, frequent reviews, and vigorous discussion to develop its aspirational master plan.
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The Greater College Park Initiative

The “Greater College Park Initiative” is a signature multi-year effort in President Wallace Loh’s leadership and administration to continue positive town/gown relations with development that enhances both the university campus and surrounding communities.
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The Innovation Campus

We will share how Northeastern University developed the Innovation Campus at Burlington, Massachusetts (ICBM) using alternative financing strategies, private partnerships, creatively re-purposed existing facilities.
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The Kitchens

In this session, you'll learn how RCC delivers culinary workforce training and academic programs in a satellite facility at the heart of a poverty-concentrated area, pushing back economic isolation and promoting learning and health.
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The University as Neighborhood Builder

We will show you how to see your institution's land from a new perspective, apply fresh ideas about mixed-use campus space, and use an integrated planning process to build consensus in times of change.
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Today’s Landscape for Non-Degree Credentials

We recently spoke with Michelle Van Noy about research she has completed in the area of non-degree credentials, including development of a framework for measuring credential quality. Dr. Van Noy is the Director of the Education and Employment Research Center at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
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Toward Commercializing University Research in the Caribbean

STPs can boost declining economies by reaping profits from innovations and products created through university research. Yet given the capital and time investment for a project to be viable, The University of the West Indies should gain commitment from all constituents—especially regional governments and the private sector—prior to beginning development.
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University-Industry Collaborations Are Driving Creation of Next-Generation Learning Space

New spaces, ranging from fabrication and prototyping studios to innovation districts, reflect a growing entrepreneurship and maker culture and give students the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
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What We’ve Learned and What’s Next

We'll highlight approaches and lessons learned from two New York City institutions during the pandemic, including creatively retrofitting their campus facilities amidst a crisis period of declining revenue and enrollments.