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A Future Pathway

This presentation will demonstrate how leaders can surmount 2021’s obstacles by aligning strategic priorities for the future.
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Adding Zip to Your Zoom

Join Beth Z, also known as Your Nerdy Best Friend, for a lively session on how to make your video conferencing events more professional and engaging. You’ll learn more about lighting, sound and content sharing . . . plus innovative ways to turn your presentation attendees into participants! Beth’s energizing programs are full of ideas and tips, and we welcome her back to SCUP for the fifth time.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Agile Leadership in a Volatile World

Especially in turbulent times, higher education leaders would be advised to assume the six most valued perspectives: curator, architect, conductor, humanist, advocate, and pioneer.

Agility Management Principles for a Volatile World

This new approach will change the way you work, think, and manage—regardless of industry, position, title, training, budget, or educational background.
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Don’t Get Me Started

This session will address the university's setbacks, challenges, opportunities, and solutions in launching a shoestring integrated planning process amidst multiple crises.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Faculty Mentoring: What the Boyer Commission Forgot

A proposed mentoring program using “strategic collaboration” to improve learning by motivating and enabling faculty to become better undergraduate teachers is suggested in support of the Boyer Commission’s goals.
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Leading in a Crisis

This session will introduce you to concepts about preparing for adversity. Institutional leaders often rely on ineffective processes for crisis management, but we’ll provide you with a framework and tools that will allow you to more constructively navigate crises.
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Leading with Focus

Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka Beth Z, for proven techniques to help you focus and improve your productivity along with the tools to lead your team to be more efficient and effective.
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Problem-Solving Skills

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Redefining Federal Work-Study Programs

The University of Missouri-Kansas City, by reinventing its campus Federal Work-Study (FWS) program (newly termed PRO Roos), committed to a goal of supporting student success through developing their career-readiness skills. FWS students were engaged in worthwhile campus employment that increased their sense of belonging within the university, enhanced their professional proficiencies, and prepared them for careers after graduation.
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The Challenge of Vulnerability

This interactive presentation challenges participants to lean in towards one area of fear in their life, whether that’s practicing a strategy at home or stepping onto the stage to share their message with the world.
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Transformation in Turbulent Times

Come learn about our framework for leading transformation, including a checklist for success, case studies in change, and resources for smart planning and strong execution.