Preparing to Plan

Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Collaborative, Ongoing University Strategic Planning Framework

Planners at Cleveland State University describe that institution’s highly communicative and participatory strategic planning process.

A Guide to Planning for Change

The enhanced planning model in this book recognizes the many internal, external, up, down, and sideways forces, challenges, and opportunities facing higher education
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Guide to Planning for Change

Conference Recordings

A Mountain Climber’s Guide to Scrambling Through Change

This session will discuss how to take key climbing skills—assessing a changing environment and determining which tools, resources, and expertise are needed to manage change—and apply them to higher education.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: What Makes a Strategic Plan Strategic?

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing a Four-Year Baccalaureate Degree in Applied Psychology

What does it take to plan for and move from a two-year to a four-year institution and implement a baccalaureate degree in applied psychology? Here’s how Kwantlen University College (BC) did it.

Integrated Planning Competencies

This toolkit details the competencies—knowledge, dispositions, and skills—an individual needs to perform integrated planning in higher education.
Example Plans

Realizing “Envision TRU”

This green paper (a preliminary report of proposals published to stimulate discussion) introduces the primary concepts and advantages of integrated planning, designating it as the approach that will frame the institution’s upcoming strategic planning process.