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Connection Hubs

We will look at examples of connection hubs and discuss how they are designed, their benefits, and how their impact is measured.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Culture, Context, and the Pursuit of Sustainability

No more ‘business as usual’; we must understand the importance of place and culture, and engage in our design work responsibly and with great innovation.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Enhancing the Student Experience Through Placemaking

Students thrive in authentic, multifunctional spaces that foster both individual reflection and social interaction and further the connection between place and the human experience.
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Keynote | When a Building is More Than a Building

Join us in an exploration of how leadership at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville plays a key role in creating welcoming campus spaces.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Place Attachment on University Campuses

As students progress from freshmen to seniors, campus experiences within the built environment—and the outdoor spaces between buildings—transform from everyday spaces into places that are meaningful and memorable.
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The Process and Positive Outcomes of Indigenous Placemaking

Ryerson University's experience with indigenous placemaking offers valuable, practical insights into a process that can help your institution to respect and advance indigenous cultures while balancing many other contextual factors.