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Addressing Mental Health and Implementing Holistic Wellness on Campus

We'll share approaches and resources that you can use to meaningfully design healthier spaces and implement mental health and wellness programs on your campus.
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Building Reuse Is Climate Action

Read about two renovations that substantially reduced emissions while preserving campus character.
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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Campus Renewal

Through a holistic approach emphasizing selective revitalization and limited new construction, Laurentian University transformed its facilities to significantly enhance the student experience.
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Enhancing the Student Experience in the Sciences

Science education and science student retention are improved by transforming an underutilized campus space into an Academic Support Center that colocates critical undergraduate academic services.
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Incorporating a K12 Facility on Your Campus

We will discuss the development of facilities to support K12 programs on a university campus, provide principles for creating multi-generational learning institutions, and translate the process of inquiry to fulfilling a university’s mission.
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Inspiration, Realization, and Cross-disciplinary Success

Leaders involved in the planning, design, operation, and evolution of two successful STEM and innovation centers will share the most impactful decisions affecting the long-term success of their work, including how location, governance, funding, programming, and promotion influence dynamic interdisciplinary results.
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Leveraging the On-Campus Admissions Center to Showcase Institutional Values

We will discuss the planning and design of Colorado University's Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE), providing an example of thoughtful intra-institutional discourse focused on institutional values.
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Mind and Body

Serving the needs of the whole person—mental health, medical care, recreation and fitness, and other services—is critical to both student and institutional success.
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Modeling Wellness, Inclusion, and Sustainability on an Evolving, Discourse-Rich Campus

Explore how a single project at San Francisco State University—in this case the first major ground-up building in 24 years—models wellness, inclusion, and sustainability for other projects, plans, and policies on an evolving campus.