Operational Planning

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Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a School of Nursing

Implementing the balanced scorecard measurably improved the overall effectiveness of planning activities and increased individual involvement in and understanding of the strategic planning process.
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Beyond the Headlines

Might a tuition reset be right for your institution? This article is a behind-the-scenes look at the yearlong process of a tuition reset at Rosemont College.
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Breaking Barriers

The University of West Georgia, toward dismantling silo thinking and promoting a sense of ownership within the workplace, formed a cross-divisional group: The Barriers Team. It was part of an initiative to recognize and encourage employee engagement, develop operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and eliminate obstructions to staff success.
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College Affordability and Institutional Pricing Policies

Institutions would do well to make their complex pricing policies more clear to students and families to help them understand how a higher education is more affordable than most people believe.
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Developing a Nimble and Change-Ready Planning Culture

Panelists Nick Santilli from SCUP and Larry Squarini and Tony Adam from SPOL discuss how integrated planning can help develop a robust culture and take a deep dive into strategic, operational, continuity, and scenario planning.

This is part three of the series, “Planning in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Reviving Your Strategic Planning Process.”

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Disrupting Poor Curricular Processes

A large-scale change process, such as a curricular process revision, can be made easier by following a proven approach and understanding the potential hazards and challenges involved.
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Disruptive Transition to an Integrated Organizational Planning and Resource Allocation Model

This is the story of how Glendale Community College in Arizona took intentional steps to integrate its strategic and operational plans with resources and assessment to develop a holistic approach to planning and implementation.
Example Plans

Information Technology Plan FY13–14

Annual operating plan aligning to the university’s five-year IT visioning framework.
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Integrating Board, System, and University Planning and Performance During a Period of Rapidly Declining State Funding Commitment

Even in the most difficult financial times, integrating planning and budgeting throughout the organization creates opportunities for success.
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Operational Plan Feedback Form

Worksheet for providing feedback on operational plan documents.
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Operational Plan Template

A simple template for drafting an operational or unit plan.
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Operational Planning Assumptions

List of assumptions to guide the operational planning exercise.
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Operational Planning Template

Worksheet for action planning at the department/unit level.
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Organizational Transformation to an Efficient Student-centered Service Model

We will show how to maintain a friendly warm-touch environment that leverages technology to streamline business processes, collect data, and utilize obtained data to cross train your team and improve productivity.
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Organizing Financial Information to Support University Planning and Analysis

Before investing in complex and costly new technologies, first consider whether your institution would benefit from a redesigned chart of accounts.
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Redesigning a Budget Model with a Grassroots Approach

While redesigning a campus budget model could happen relatively quickly from a technical standpoint, time spent in extensive engagement, collaboration, and conversation is key to successful implementation.
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Return to Research Guidance

This document represents recommended guidelines for a gradual, phased reactivation of research activities at the university.
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Shared Services Models

This session will explore current shared service models that have achieved winning results for the campuses they serve, including financial successes, space efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
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So, You Need a New Chart of Accounts

Designing a new chart of accounts provides an opportunity to review and improve current practice and positively affect institutional financial data use and reporting.