Modifying the Plan


A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

A resource for anyone engaged in college or university strategic planning, and an excellent primer for planning committees. This second edition also contains new strategies for using an institution’s strategic plan during times of institutional upheaval, and additional techniques for jump-starting various parts of the planning process.

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An Approach to the Preparation or Revision of a Master Plan for a Nigerian Polytechnic

Whether preparing a plan for a proposed institution or revising a plan for an existing institution, following a carefully designed approach greatly facilitates the realization of the institution’s vision and mission.
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Coffee Chat: All Good Plans Change

Amanda Markovic from GBBN Architects and Jennifer McDowell from Carnegie Mellon University moderated this coffee chat on how institutions can adjust to keep those on campus feeling safe, supported, and healthy.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Eight Themes in Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and how higher education leaders use strategic planning to move their institutions forward are changing to remain relevant in today’s highly competitive and fast-moving environment.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Grappling with Strategic Dissonance

Educational technology units must continually monitor their strategic plans to ensure that they are aligned with the evolving realities of their institutions.
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Keynote | VCU | Social Unrest in the Midst of a Pandemic . . . Now What?

Join us to discuss how VCU changed its planning strategies and built campus environment to simultaneously address a public health crisis and calls for social reform.
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Overcoming a $90M Budget Overage in Vanderbilt University’s Residential Colleges

The University, architects, engineers, strategic planning consultants, and contractor teams worked hand in hand to peel back the onion to stem the overruns.
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Reimagining Master Planning at Florida State University

Revising a master plan isn’t usually innovative, but Florida State’s holistic approach is. By engaging the whole institution in the conversation, the master plan reset will ensure that the values and aspirations of the institution are reflected in a built environment that not only meets program needs, but supports and sustains the innovation necessary for post-pandemic realities.
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Strategic Plan Implementation in a VUCA Environment

In this session, we'll share how Lakehead University developed a phased strategic approach to guide implementation of its strategic plan.
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Teetering on the Demographic Cliff, Part 3

Higher education has faced major changes for some time—COVID-19 accelerated that volatility—and now we’re anticipating the demographic downslope in student enrollment. How and when should institutions mobilize for the difficult work of planning in the face of wrenching change?
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Voices from the Field: Episode #11

Paul Dale, President of Paradise Valley Community College, explains how he and his Future Thinkers team are finding the pandemic’s silver lining in an exploration of new learning modalities and creative use of technology that they plan to leverage to meet the college’s mission far beyond the crisis.
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What Is a Bridge Plan?

A bridge plan allows a college or university to continue to pursue defined strategic pathways during times of uncertainty or rapid, unpredictable change. It’s also a good solution for when faculty and staff are overwhelmed due to a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.
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What Is Your Crisis ‘What If’?

The Medical College of Wisconsin planned strategically, engaged executive leadership, and operationalized an Administrative Response Team to navigate critical incidents impacting the university.