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2030 Strategic Plan


A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

A resource for anyone engaged in college or university strategic planning, and an excellent primer for planning committees. This second edition also contains new strategies for using an institution’s strategic plan during times of institutional upheaval, and additional techniques for jump-starting various parts of the planning process.
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Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a School of Nursing

Implementing the balanced scorecard measurably improved the overall effectiveness of planning activities and increased individual involvement in and understanding of the strategic planning process.
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This session will present the cathedral model as a tool to analyze how our institutions can support lifelong learning, the academic portfolio, and vibrant community outreach.
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Components of a Strategic Plan

Each element of a strategic plan serves a purpose. But what are those purposes? And how do the elements connect?
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Data Collection as a Means for Integrated Higher Education Change

Six institutions measured the community impact of their anchor mission efforts along several social and economic dimensions using the Anchor Dashboard data tool.

Designing and Developing Mature, Mission-Aligned Online Academic Programs at Jesuit Institutions

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2019–2020 program. Online education should not be perceived as a distraction of the mission—rather, an enhancement of it.
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Developing a Mission Statement for a Faculty Senate

The mission statement stakes the faculty’s claim in the institutional decision-making process.
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Integrating Board, System, and University Planning and Performance During a Period of Rapidly Declining State Funding Commitment

Even in the most difficult financial times, integrating planning and budgeting throughout the organization creates opportunities for success.
Example Plans

Mission and Governance Web Page

Mission, governance, and values statements for the library.
Example Plans

Mission and Values

The college’s mission, vision, and values statements.
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Mission-Aligned Online Academic Programs at US Jesuit Institutions

A custom survey measured the process maturity involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating online offerings that reflected the principles of Ignatian Pedagogy.
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Realizing the Distinctive University


Reviewing and Updating Your Mission Statement

This toolkit will walk you through the steps of evaluating your current mission statement, facilitating the key conversations and decisions that underpin an effective mission statement, and writing a mission statement that serves your institution.
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SCUP Fellow Presentation | Designing and Developing Mature, Mission-aligned Online Academic Courses

In this session, we’ll: 1) explain how process maturity and instructional design interact, 2) review basic elements of institutional missions, and 3) consider ways that mission statements get translated into instructional strategies.
Example Plans

Shaping What’s Next

The university’s detailed strategic plan, which includes goals focused on student success, diversity and equity, and increasing its presence as a research center.
Example Plans

Strategic Priorities 2014–2019

A high-level document enumerating the institution’s five strategic goals and strategies for achieving each goal.
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Survival of the Financially Fittest

Leaders must look closely at financial trends that may reveal signs of trouble—in the short or immediate term—and have the courage to act to address them.
Example Plans

The Tuskegee Trajectory

The university’s strategic plan details five broad goals with supporting strategies and measures for success. Focus centers on student success and leveraging technology for the 21st-century learning experience.
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Using KPIs to Start Planning

Some institutions now begin their planning in a different way.
Example Plans

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision, mission, goals, and value statements for the institution’s school of pharmacy and health sciences.
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What Constitutes Tribal College and University Sustainability?

Historical successes and challenges join missions, visions, and strategic plans for a glimpse of what TCU institutions are emphasizing, today and in the future.