Measuring the Plan


A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

A resource for anyone engaged in college or university strategic planning, and an excellent primer for planning committees. This second edition also contains new strategies for using an institution’s strategic plan during times of institutional upheaval, and additional techniques for jump-starting various parts of the planning process.
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American University of Beirut’s Meta-Assessment Framework

In a higher education setting, it is important to evaluate assessment processes, establish clear expectations, and efficiently make decisions. Doing so will support program and unit outcomes and periodic program and unit reviews, aligning with the institution’s strategic plan and optimizing budget allocation.
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Data Collection as a Means for Integrated Higher Education Change

Six institutions measured the community impact of their anchor mission efforts along several social and economic dimensions using the Anchor Dashboard data tool.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing a Four-Year Baccalaureate Degree in Applied Psychology

What does it take to plan for and move from a two-year to a four-year institution and implement a baccalaureate degree in applied psychology? Here’s how Kwantlen University College (BC) did it.
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Dueling Scorecards

Learn from this in-depth comparison of the “balanced scorecards” implemented by two small institutions.
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Higher Ed’s Missing Link

We'll share our metrics-based planning framework—that's producing remarkable outcomes—and explain how you can apply this concept at your institution.
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Keep on Keepin’ on

A support program for low-income and/or single-mother students to improve their persistence and retention was revisited 15 years after it had been launched at Charter Oak State College. Did follow-up with the graduates show that the effort had aided the former participants in obtaining their college degree? Had the collaboration between the institution’s Academic Services, Enrollment Management, and Financial Aid departments—and the support they offered—help the students to persevere? Based on survey results, was the program still of value, and what improvements needed to be made?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Mission-Aligned Online Academic Programs at US Jesuit Institutions

A custom survey measured the process maturity involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating online offerings that reflected the principles of Ignatian Pedagogy.
Example Plans

Strategic Plan 2017 Update

This progress report measures progress toward goals put forth in the college’s 2017 strategic plan.
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Strategic Planning That’s Truly Strategic

What do strategic plans do? What does it mean to be “strategic”? These are among the questions addressed in a recent year-long study of 108 active college and university strategic plans. Hear directly from the researchers as they highlight a few important insights they discovered during their analysis, like how to avoid the many pitfalls of strategic planning and ensure a process focused on strategy and outcomes.
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The Kitchens

In this session, you'll learn how RCC delivers culinary workforce training and academic programs in a satellite facility at the heart of a poverty-concentrated area, pushing back economic isolation and promoting learning and health.
Example Plans

Utah Board of Higher Education Strategic Plan 2021

Strategic plan for the university system developed by the state’s board of higher education.