Master Plan

Example Plans

2015 Campus Master Plan

This plan is a guide for campus development supportive of the college’s 2007 strategic plan.
Example Plans

2019 Campus Master Plan

Conference Presentations

Integrating Facility and Academic Master Plans Through Collaboration

In this session, we will share how the Mid-Plains Community College engaged in a collaborative process across the campus and community to integrate the facility and academic master plans.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

P4: The Role of Planning in Successful Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Before your institution decides to pursue a P3, make sure you’ve considered the fourth P—Planning—and how the P3 aligns (or doesn’t) with your campus master plan.
Conference Presentations

Resilient Together

In this session we will outline strategies for identifying multi-benefit projects, including finding potential partners and alternative avenues for project implementation.
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The Greater College Park Initiative

The “Greater College Park Initiative” is a signature multi-year effort in President Wallace Loh’s leadership and administration to continue positive town/gown relations with development that enhances both the university campus and surrounding communities.
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Tour: UW Bothell and Cascadia College Campus

A tour of the co-located University of Washington (UW) Bothell and Cascadia College campuses, presented in the context of development opportunities and new regulations from the 2017 Campus Master Plan.
Conference Presentations

Transforming Learning at Norwich University

Come learn how Norwich reimagined its central campus for contemporary research, teaching, and learning without compromising the integrity of its historic structures.
Conference Presentations

UW Bothell/Cascadia College Master Plan

We will discuss how the implementation of our master plan galvanized collaboration and amplified partnerships among two co-located institutions, public agencies, and the Bothell community to creatively address capital funding and implement needed growth.