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Change and Renewal for Existing Campus Libraries

Renovating an existing academic library to meet 21st-century needs requires rethinking both its program and design to create a vibrant, welcoming campus hub for all.
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Designing Libraries for Learning

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Does Space Matter?

Developing an understanding of the lived student experience in relation to physical space is critical in order for designers to create spaces that work for the mobile, fast-paced, and multifaceted lives of university students.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Integrated Project Planning in a Construction Management Environment

When the whole team knows the “why” behind the planning and design process, the result is a better “what.”
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Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education

In what ways will libraries continue to be the intellectual hubs where users interact with ideas in both physical and virtual environments to expand learning and facilitate the creation of new knowledge?
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Mid-century Make-over

As part of repositioning for the 21st century, Drexel University renovated the Korman Center, a 1950s library, and the academic quad to serve as a 24/7 student hub and interdisciplinary academic study center that encourages student collaboration.
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Supporting the Whole Student

In this session, we’ll share how the College of Marin and Chabot College's integrated learning centers are serving changing student populations using an inclusive library design approach.
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The Informal Learning Environment

One of three presentations in a collection of informal learning environment imagery presented in twelve minutes or less by campus design leaders.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Library as Learning Commons

Even in the digital age, the library plays a fundamental role in campus life and learning, particularly when it’s updated to meet the needs of 21st-century students and pedagogies.
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Use Evidence to Plan Facilities That Drive Student Success

In this article, the author draws upon research from his book How to Get the Most Out of College to highlight the evidence that campus planners and designers can use to help drive student success.