Webinar Recordings

How to Create a Secondary-Postsecondary Partnership to Promote Diversity, Inclusion, and Underrepresented Populations in Higher Education

This webinar will focus on how to develop a secondary-postsecondary partnership to intentionally promote diversity, inclusion, and recognition of under-represented populations through collaboration and integrated planning strategies. The presenters will share their goals and project planning for a competency-based, project-based learning model—with an emphasis on mentoring.
Conference Presentations

Incorporating a K12 Facility on Your Campus

We will discuss the development of facilities to support K12 programs on a university campus, provide principles for creating multi-generational learning institutions, and translate the process of inquiry to fulfilling a university’s mission.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

K-12 Sustainability Education: Its Status and Where Higher Education Should Intervene

Linking higher education efforts with those at the K–12 level will make the success of sustainability education more likely.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Partnerships Promote Inclusion

Intentional planning and a competency-based, personalized learning model empowers graduate students from the architecture discipline to assist secondary students in becoming knowledge seekers and design professionals.