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Actionable Data

This session will share how Binghamton University has established an integrated data collection and tracking process and the ways in which the pandemic has affected this process and shifted institutional priorities.
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Back to The Future

October 2021 marks Planning for Higher Education’s 50th issue! To celebrate, we’re looking back at earlier articles in Planning to reflect on how things change (and, sometimes, how they don’t). Although not a totally new concept, the need for data-informed decision-making in higher education today requires contemporary knowledge and skill from institutional research (IR) colleagues. They transform data into actionable information nuanced with contextualized insights that are essential in integrated academic planning.
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Book Review: Big Data on Campus

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Public Dashboards Cheat Sheet

This layperson-friendly document lists the institution’s publicly accessible dashboards, what data each provides, and sample questions that each can help answer.
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Quickly Building a Bridge

Executive leadership changes at Northern Michigan University led the interim president, interim provost, and Board of Trustees to call for a bridge plan to clearly articulate strategic work happening throughout campus. This article describes how the university was able to develop an interim strategic plan with broad campus engagement in less than half a year.
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The Creation of an Integrated Services Division to Advance University Strategic Initiatives

Combining the typically siloed services required to support the strategic work of universities into one department results in more effective integrated planning and institutional advancement.
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The Politics and Pragmatics of Institutional Research

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Using Data to Drive Peer Group Selection

You will learn an approach for developing a data-informed peer group and how benchmarking with a peer group can inform your institution's governing board and be linked to mission.