Institutional Planning

Example Plans

2022 Interim Strategic Plan

In the face of executive leadership changes, this university was able to develop this interim strategic plan, or “bridge plan,” with broad campus engagement in less than half a year.
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Actionable Data

This session will share how Binghamton University has established an integrated data collection and tracking process and the ways in which the pandemic has affected this process and shifted institutional priorities.

Integrated Planning Competencies

This toolkit details the competencies—knowledge, dispositions, and skills—an individual needs to perform integrated planning in higher education.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning and Academic Program Review

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Quickly Building a Bridge

Executive leadership changes at Northern Michigan University led the interim president, interim provost, and Board of Trustees to call for a bridge plan to clearly articulate strategic work happening throughout campus. This article describes how the university was able to develop an interim strategic plan with broad campus engagement in less than half a year.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Teetering on the Demographic Cliff, Part 3

Higher education has faced major changes for some time—COVID-19 accelerated that volatility—and now we’re anticipating the demographic downslope in student enrollment. How and when should institutions mobilize for the difficult work of planning in the face of wrenching change?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Future of Planning is . . .

IE professionals are both translators and integrators—and universities need these people who know how to interpret the data. Within the context of an IIE office, they assist in developing data-informed strategic plans, financial forecasts, enrollment plans, and other assessments of institutional efficacy.
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Who Are Our Planners—and What Do They Read?

October 2021 marked Planning for Higher Education’s 50th issue! To celebrate, we’re looking back at earlier articles in Planning to reflect on how things change (and, sometimes, how they don’t). Planning is an essential resource for all higher education administrators, planning analysts, and theorists from many disciplines. In this post, the author describes each group of planners and identifies the types of information each group can glean from the journal articles.