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Benchmark Your Digital Capabilities to Improve Student Success

You will learn how to assess your institution’s digital capacity for student success technologies so you can affect costs and improve outcomes with new analytics tools and services.
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Fall 2023 Tech and Economic Trends: What I Think

SCUP's Trends in Higher Ed webinar touched on some of the trends mentioned in the 2023 Fall Trends in Higher Ed Report. Brittany Cipollone, MBA, MAT, director of integrated planning and effectiveness in the Division of Institutional Effectiveness at Augusta University, shares her thoughts and experience about two of the those trends.
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How Our IT Became Strategic Partners (Especially With Academic Affairs)

We will describe how our IT transformed to align with the university strategic plan, focusing on partnerships that have been created with academic affairs.
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Impact of COVID-19 on Technology

Panelists Gary David, Bentley University, and Linda Jerrett, Boston University, shared how educational technology on their campuses is adapting to the pandemic—from accommodating students and faculty now to plans for fall and beyond.

This is part of the series “Less Talk, More Action: Tactical Topics to Return to Campus.”

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Making Cyber Security Personal

Higher education IT experts Michael Hites, CIO, and George Finney, Chief Security Officer, at Southern Methodist University, address the risk of data loss and planning for continuous business operations when working remotely.

Technology-Driven Planning

If you need to know how technology is changing the way we plan for higher education, read this book and benefit from experts who have addressed today's challenges.
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The Geometry of Learning


Transforming e-Knowledge

This book describes the order of magnitude of change that will be necessary to compete in the knowledge economy. Included are descriptions of current and upcoming technological advances that directly effect educators and learners.
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What Higher Education Can Learn From IT Business Continuity Planning

This discussion will examine how IT continuity activities can both inform and adapt to institutional strategies and needs during COVID-19, or any crisis.