Flexible Learning Spaces

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Campus Tour | University of Toronto

This tour will lead attendees through the eight-story building that features a 500-seat lecture theatre, state-of-the-art collaborative classrooms, workshops, lab spaces, and fabrication facilities as well as several large multidisciplinary research centers and institutes.
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Collaborative Spaces Transform Teaching, Amplify Learning, and Maximize Resources

A wide range of interactive, hands-on, and socially enhanced settings provide space for the most effective and dynamic teaching and learning in higher education today.
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Constructing the Interdisciplinary Ivory Tower

An analysis of strategic and campus plans at 21 research institutions reveals lessons learned regarding planning and nurturing interdisciplinary space.
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De-Densifying Classrooms in the COVID-19 Era

Columbia College Chicago’s “logistic growth model,” a mathematical model that is adaptable to highly variable campus spaces, gives priority to human-centered solutions while also promoting physical and emotional well-being. It can flexibly accommodate instructors, teaching assistants, and students for different pedagogical uses and within different types of facilities.
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Doing More with Less

Just a few years ago we would strive to utilize a space during 60 percent of its usable hours; now we are asked to strive for 70 to 80 percent utilization.
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Enhancing the Student Experience in the Sciences

Science education and science student retention are improved by transforming an underutilized campus space into an Academic Support Center that colocates critical undergraduate academic services.
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This capstone session will identify key insights from the series, pose new questions, and offer creative, actionable ideas for moving higher education forward.
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Learning Spaces of the Future

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Mindful Redesign for New and Effective Learning Environments

Join us to discuss what our campuses are planning for the immediate and distant future of teaching and learning.
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Resilience in the Great Outdoors

Before the Fall 2020 semester, the Siebel Center for Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign partnered with architects and engineers to lead a virtual design charrette focused on extending the life of outdoor campus spaces as learning environments. They also reached out to schools around the country to learn about their recent experiences with these spaces.
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We will share how the renovation of The Ohio State University’s Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering Complex’s managed project objectives to achieve the best use of space, phased construction, budget, and sustainability goals.
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Student Success

In this session, we'll share how institutions have made changes in their metrics, planning and design strategies, and campus facilities that contribute to recruitment, academic growth, and graduation rates.
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Teaching, Learning, Doing in Collaborative Spaces

The intermingling of undergraduate students with grad students, post-docs, faculty, and commercial interests in one innovative facility results in better academic experiences.
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The Challenge of Making Buildings Flexible

How can buildings be both flexible and concrete? The answer is critical as institutions try to keep up with rapid changes in technology, curriculum, teaching techniques, and demographics.

The Connected Campus

Campus environments play a vital role in student success. By making changes to their combination of spaces, institutions can respond to the shifts transforming higher education. Elliot Felix shares how colleges and universities can prepare for a more blended world by bringing together the digital and physical, enabling greater diversity and inclusion, and implementing flexible structures, staffing, space, and services. Sponsored Content: Knoll and brightspot strategy.
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University-Industry Collaborations Are Driving Creation of Next-Generation Learning Space

New spaces, ranging from fabrication and prototyping studios to innovation districts, reflect a growing entrepreneurship and maker culture and give students the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
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