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An Assessment of Capital Budgeting Practices for Public Higher Education

This study finds a need for new capital projects to include continuing, dedicated revenue streams for the project lifetime in order to avoid continuation of the current state of underfunded maintenance, especially in light of growing needs for upgraded research equipment and space.
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Building a Path Forward

United Negro College Fund and HBCU college leaders will examine enrollment, instruction, student success, historic preservation, and fundraising in a post-pandemic world and explore how we can transform these challenges into successes.
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Can a Campus Plan Drive Equity?

Come find out how you can apply lessons learned and strategies from Wake Tech's inclusive master planning process to successfully respond to opportunities and challenges of diverse enrollment on your campus.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing and Building Your Capital Project

The first step in building your capital project is choosing the delivery method that best meets your institution’s needs and the project’s unique goals.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing Innovative Campuses for Tomorrow’s Students

Campus design and architecture will be the prime catalysts for transforming universities into our society’s engines of growth.
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Designing the Money

In this session, we'll share how Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) applies a standard process to address its unique capital needs and withstand the test of time. CSCU maintains its 10-year capital plan in a dynamic environment to remain relevant and resilient for allocating resources equitably between its sixteen campuses with optimal effect.
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Emerging Vocational Classrooms

Come learn how you can modify your educational facilities in response to emerging vocations and work with local laws, grants, and industry partners to build for changing curricula.

Financial Planning Guidelines for Facility Renewal and Adaption

This publication provides executive managers and trustees with guidelines for long-term financial planning for plant renewal and adaption.
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Innovative Data Tools That Support Capital and Facilities Planning

In this session, we will discuss data strategies for capital and facilities planning that enable real-time mobile access to planning tools, automated project tracking, metrics, and building transparency in order to support the planning and execution process.
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Managing Your Historic Campus Facilities in Today’s Resource-Constrained Environment

How are you addressing your campus’ historic facilities with so many competing needs for limited resources? This webinar will outline strategies for the management of historic properties on college and university campuses, with guidelines, standards, and best practices to address a wide range of concerns dealing with historic facilities.

Reimagining Master Planning at Florida State University

Revising a master plan isn’t usually innovative, but Florida State’s holistic approach is. By engaging the whole institution in the conversation, the master plan reset will ensure that the values and aspirations of the institution are reflected in a built environment that not only meets program needs, but supports and sustains the innovation necessary for post-pandemic realities.
Planning for Higher Education Journal


Partnership opportunities are broad and plentiful—only limited by an institution’s imagination.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The High Cost of Building a Better University

Higher education facilities seem to come at premium cost, even taking into account that educational facilities tend to cost more. The authors argue that this is due to appropriate and strategic high aspirations.
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Understand the Other Side

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What We’ve Learned and What’s Next

We'll highlight approaches and lessons learned from two New York City institutions during the pandemic, including creatively retrofitting their campus facilities amidst a crisis period of declining revenue and enrollments.
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Zero-energy Buildings on a Shoe-string Budget

Come learn how you can reduce operating costs and bring a zero-energy building to your campus, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and greater health and wellbeing for students.