Facilities Assessment

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Crafting the Master Plan: A Collaborative Challenge for Community Colleges

Master planning can help an institution address major challenges, but you have to know how to do it right. This article examines the planning process, with special emphasis on community and consensus building, using case studies from two rapidly growing community college districts in Texas and California.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Digital Assessment

Digital assessment helps to identify points of strength and challenge within non-curricular areas.
Conference Presentations

Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines

The University of Minnesota follows the state’s sustainable building guidelines, specifically Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), and uses post-occupancy evaluations (POE) to measure user satisfaction with campus buildings. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to implement sustainability initiatives, which have a significant impact on campus building performance and by extension, user performance and wellbeing.
Conference Presentations

Post-Occupancy Evaluation for Active Learning Environments

We will explore exemplary active-learning environments and the evaluation methodology we used to measure how these environments have elicited learning behaviors that foster student engagement.