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“A Moment of Grace”

The author examines how four institutions—Northern Arizona University, Emory University, Berea College, and Ithaca College—are incorporating sustainability into their curricula.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

“Be Prepared” for Policy Windows

How can universities overcome the institutional inertia that impedes successful innovation and change?
Planning for Higher Education Journal


Community members and partner organizations affirmed that the role of a higher education institution was indispensable in developing such an innovative approach.
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Bringing it to the City

Come learn how to develop strategic partnerships among university, developer, and consultant stakeholders at your institution as well as optimize site development for long-term improvements in recruitment, retention, and revenue.
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Campus Parking and Mobility Rapid Fire

In three presentations, we'll explore sustainable solutions to help you rethink parking and mobility on your campus.
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Changing the Future of Health Care

Designed and built for collaborative, interdisciplinary education through a highly engaged process, this building transforms health care education and health care for the entire state.

Climate Justice and Solutions

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability is leading coordinated climate education on a global scale. Learn more about how they are working with international colleagues in more than three dozen countries to organize a Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice set for March 30, 2022.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Collaborating for Our Future

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Creating Global-Ready Places

Global demographics are shaping new civic patterns which will strengthen the relationship between universities and cities in ways that create local prosperity.
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Developing Programs and Facilities for Next Generation Industry Leaders

We'll illustrate how industry-academic partnerships led to the reimagining of vocational education in a new, didactic facility for construction sciences.
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Distance Education

Learn how a partnership between Florida State and the US Army planned for and implemented tailored MSW degrees.
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Educating the Next Generation of Industry Leaders

This session will illustrate how industry-academic partnerships have led to the creation of cutting-edge, career-focused education that reimagines vocational training through a new, didactic construction sciences facility.
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Entrepreneurial Planning

Join this session for a facilitated, interactive journey with two college and university leaders that will explore the application of the effectuation model to college planning.

Fostering Innovation on Ohio’s Co-Located Campuses Through Collaborative Planning

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2018–2019 program. This research project investigates whether co-located institutions, specifically, and competing institutions of higher education, more generally, could use the concept of “collaborative planning” to achieve mutual success.
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Go Nowhere Without a Partner

This session will demonstrate how to meet complex needs for economic mobility and the workforce through several diverse partnerships. You’ll learn about various sources you can use to achieve successful project results as well as how you can nurture your campus and community partnerships for the long term.
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How to Create a Secondary-Postsecondary Partnership to Promote Diversity, Inclusion, and Underrepresented Populations in Higher Education

This webinar will focus on how to develop a secondary-postsecondary partnership to intentionally promote diversity, inclusion, and recognition of under-represented populations through collaboration and integrated planning strategies. The presenters will share their goals and project planning for a competency-based, project-based learning model—with an emphasis on mentoring.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Integrating Board, System, and University Planning and Performance During a Period of Rapidly Declining State Funding Commitment

Even in the most difficult financial times, integrating planning and budgeting throughout the organization creates opportunities for success.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Lessons Learned from Strategic Planning for Improved Teaching and Learning in Developing Economies

U.S. institutions have much to learn from the major transformations of teaching and learning achieved by higher education institutions in developing economies faced with limited funding and inhospitable environments.
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Loyola University

Although unique in their practice and infrastructure challenges, Loyola University Chicago and Loyola University Medical Center used strategic partnerships, innovative planning solutions, and green infrastructure to create resilient, livable campuses. We’ll demonstrate how you can make tangible improvements and promote resiliency on your campus through green infrastructure.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Middle Skills Education

Many jobs of the future will require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. How should we prepare the next generation of employees?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Partnerships Promote Inclusion

Intentional planning and a competency-based, personalized learning model empowers graduate students from the architecture discipline to assist secondary students in becoming knowledge seekers and design professionals.
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Promoting Just and Resilient Urban Communities Through Integrated Planning

In this session, we'll discuss how urban institutions are serving essential roles in their cities by addressing inequities in education, economic opportunities, and health.
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Solving the Collaboration Equation for an Interprofessional Health Education Facility

Learn how to deliver on a singular vision with a large-scale, complex, joint-venture project by using immersive collaborative practices and continuous improvement processes, based on a project between Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Strategic and Collaborative Crisis Management

How committed is your institution to emergency planning functions? Have you considered working with other organizations in a consortium?
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Partnership opportunities are broad and plentiful—only limited by an institution’s imagination.
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The Kitchens

In this session, you'll learn how RCC delivers culinary workforce training and academic programs in a satellite facility at the heart of a poverty-concentrated area, pushing back economic isolation and promoting learning and health.
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The Kodak Legacy Reimagined

Monroe Community College opened its new urban campus in fall 2017 through an initiative that repurposed an industrial complex into a vibrant community college steeped in town/gown relationships that provide mutual benefits.
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The Power of “Systemness”

What was needed was an organized, comprehensive program to equip workers with the skills to survive and thrive in the world of 21st-century manufacturing.

Today’s Landscape for Non-Degree Credentials

We recently spoke with Michelle Van Noy about research she has completed in the area of non-degree credentials, including development of a framework for measuring credential quality. Dr. Van Noy is the Director of the Education and Employment Research Center at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Toward Commercializing University Research in the Caribbean

STPs can boost declining economies by reaping profits from innovations and products created through university research. Yet given the capital and time investment for a project to be viable, The University of the West Indies should gain commitment from all constituents—especially regional governments and the private sector—prior to beginning development.
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Transforming Medical Center Pandemic Responses into Creative Community Partnerships

Join us to discover how you can apply academic medical center (AMC) pandemic responses for long-term best practices at your institution.
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Universities on Fire

This session explores the impact of climate change on higher education and how academia may respond.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

University-Industry Collaborations Are Driving Creation of Next-Generation Learning Space

New spaces, ranging from fabrication and prototyping studios to innovation districts, reflect a growing entrepreneurship and maker culture and give students the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
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UW Bothell/Cascadia College Master Plan

We will discuss how the implementation of our master plan galvanized collaboration and amplified partnerships among two co-located institutions, public agencies, and the Bothell community to creatively address capital funding and implement needed growth.